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A few words about our company

About blue sound studios


Blue Sound Studios was founded in 2000 by Ed Unger in Atlanta, Georgia. It all started with music production, recording, mixing and mastering.


There became a high demand for online training. Blue Sound Studios formed an online music production program known as Computer Music Production School. Most schools charge a high amount for this type of program. Ed Unger created the online program for a fraction of the cost.

The Computer Music Production School starts with a seven lesson course plan that allows students to work at their own pace. It gives students accessibility to music production anywhere.


After relocating to Florida, Blue Sound Studios expanded its services to business system development, web development, artist development and marketing solutions for other industries including the music business.

BSS always offers a free strategy session and provides mentorship, training and solutions for business growth and personal development.

BSS collaborates with local and international partners with qualified experience in many different fields. You will notice improvements in goals achievement, productivity, time and income.


more information or schedule a free strategy session. We are here to help you find solutions and move forward.

Blue Sound Studios has worked in Atlanta, Miami and Fort Lauderdale with clients based in New York, California, Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, France, London, China, Ghana, Germany, Bermuda, Norway, Japan, Taiwan.


Ecommerce platform has gone through 3 major revisions and countless weekly minor improvements, with new features added on a regular basis.

The BSS team strives to create the best solution possible. We are improving all the time.


Our clients include home services, retail shop owners, lawyers, trades people, churches, bloggers, non-profit groups, florists, and medical professionals. We enjoy working with a variety of businesses and the opportunity to learn what makes each one unique.

Our job is to get the right people (customers/visitors) to the right place (your website), and have them do the right thing (purchase/contact you/subscribe).

Contact us to receive more information or schedule a free strategy session.

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