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Artist Development

Everything has changed in the music industry.

BSS Artist Development

Independent recording artists have the upper hand.

With the right information on production & development in business, web and creativity, you too can be on your way to independent success. The recording studio is where it all started for us. We are now a private studio and help ‘lifer’s – those who will be creating music for the rest of their life – people who will never quit their dream no matter how hard or challenging it gets.

Through the years, our recording services have morphed more into a non-exclusive record deal type relationship – we fill in the gap with whatever an artist needs help – could be mixing, recording, business development, social strategy or getting on iTunes.

Welcome to the new millennium of the music industry… Blue Sound Studios hosts an Online Music Production School & Audio Recording School for Students around the Globe.

Blue Sound Studios is a private recording studio in Florida providing artist development including music production, audio recording, mixing, mastering and releases on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, JunoDownload and more. We are looking for inspired and motivated artists to partner with.

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