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Check out some of the Testimonials and Feedback on Blue Sound Studios Services.


“Great program! I’ve had nothing but success with this training. When I first started this training I couldn’t even get around my computer. I am now halfway through the course and am already producing hot tracks, recording artists in my town, and this is only halfway through the training! This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made and it has been SO much more affordable than the other schools I researched. The training has made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of being a producer/engineer. Thanks Blue Sound Studios & Gotcha Noddin for all your help!”
Wil Irizarry

“The class was great! I really learned a lot to perfect my craft of making a beat from start to finish including mixing and mastering the track with vocal production!”
Namiah Williams

“I searched around the internet for information on how to use the MPC 1000. I’ve bought books, asked in forums and then I came across “” and their training packages. I sent them an email requesting more information, and received a phone call the same day. The training package was customized to me and my needs in the studio. Not only did my trainer cover the MPC 1000, he also covered how to use it and other tools efficiently in my studio. There was a lot that I “thought” I knew, but my trainer opened my eyes to a whole new light. He was great and I would defiantly recommend him to others in need of guidance. THANKS!”
Orlando Robinson “Squalley”


“what more can i say… GOTCHA NODDIN! I started Audio Production from GROUND ZERO. I have purchased beats and taken classes from BLUE SOUND STUDIOS & GN. TOP HONORS. I made a life decision between going back to get my masters in Audio Production or getting great Hands On Training from the GN School. I chose GN after interviewing both on what I would get from the courses. All I have to say is that their instructors are very detail, in depth training and great to work with. I WOULD TRULY RECOMMEND BLUE SOUND STUDIOS & GOTCHA NODDIN! A 5 Star Program and Beat Site!!! Gotcha Noddin… THANKS!”

“We got the industry standard mastering for one of our artist’s albums (Brainwavezz-From Dah Streets 2 Dah Church). The online uploading was quick and easy, all phone and e-mail customer service was first rate with quick and detailed responses, and the entire mastering process turn around time was even faster. Blue Sound Studios & Gotchanoddin will master your songs just as you wish and let you sample them before finalizing everything. Their prices are very affordable for even the tightest budgets and the quality is top notch. The results after the mastering added unbelievable life to songs that were already full of energy. All music and vocal sounds were clearer than you could imagine. These results were even achieved on mixes that already had a “mastered sound” to the average ear. No matter how good your recordings are, get your songs mastered by Blue Sound Studios & Gotchanoddin. It could mean the difference between your songs getting noticed (and CDs selling) by industry professionals or not”
Gospel Rhymes Records, LLC

“I just got done with a training session from Blue Sound Studios & GN and I have nothing but good things to say. I was having trouble getting started with some of the features on my MPC1000 and GN technical support helped me sort through some of the technical sludge that had been slowing me down. Plus they provided me with some good tips on how I could work smarter and make the whole process a lot more of a creative experience. If I hadn’t gotten the help I got from GN I’d probably be wheeling through my MP’s interface and scratchin’ my head for god knows how long. Y’all are doin’ good things and I really appreciate the help!”
Jonathan Pippenger

“The training I’m getting from Blue Sound Studios & Gotchanoddin is great. I’m taking my training via phone, and its great. They really know what they’re talking about and make you feel really comfortable. The training is very understandable, and it doesn’t make you feel stupid or don’t know what you want in life. If anyone is having trouble understanding their equipment, or anything w/their music, is the place to come. The first time I visited their web site, I got a good feeling from it. Not only is the training great, but if you need sounds or beats, their music library is the best I heard, and trust me, I been on alot of different web sites, and nothing grabbed me like this one. So, if you need beats or sounds, or you need training, give these guys a call or e-mail them and they WILL get back to you in a timely fashion (That’s what I liked). has it going on and they know their stuff. So stop thinking about it and just do the dam thing!…….Peace”
Erica Young

“I was a new beat maker frustrated with waiting on others to make beats for me. I began training with gotchanoddin and learned how to be a producer, instead of just a beat maker. I believe this company can help you reach your dreams with making music. I would recommend this company to everyone I know. The training is very comprehensive and flexible. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I listened to that custom beat you sent me. PLATINUM PLATINUM PLATINUM! I Was speechless when I first heard it, its a must have! ”NO. 1 RAP SOURCE!”
Dave Roberson

“The training sessions really helped me a lot. When I started I knew nothing about music or computers, but the one on one training played a huge part in me picking it up as fast as I did. There was absolutely no pressure. I was able to learn at my own pace in a comfortable environment and I was never left with unanswered Questions”
-Aubrey Bruton

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